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There are several commonly accepted ranking systems for the First and Second Missions, which provide indicators to measure excellence in Higher Education Institutions around the world. Rankings improve quality assurance by allowing the institutions to understand their own performance, develop best practices, and provide effective and efficient value to society. They also provide quality indicators to governments, society and industry. However, there are no commonly agreed indicators or methodologies to assess quality in Third Mission activities.

This project will develop such indicators, promoting excellence in Third Mission activities, and encouraging Higher Education Institutions to share best practices across Europe.

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Bill Clinton about university services

"As part of Clinton Global Initiative University, the former president said he is trying to instill the idea "that doing public service as a private citizen should be a part of the mission of every college and university in the country and should be a part of the mission of every citizen who leaves them." Find the full article here

Monday, 19 April 2010

MODERMODERN Conference Announcement “Assuring the quality of internationalisation” Amsterdam, 7 May 2010

The MODERN conference “Assuring the quality of internationalisation” is the third in a series of five
conferences organised by the MODERN European platform in higher education modernisation.
MODERN is a three-year EU-funded structural network project in the EU Lifelong Learning Programme,
developed under the leadership of ESMU, in a consortium with 9 core partners, 28 associate partner
European associations and academic providers of higher education management (HEM) training
For further information on the MODERN platform and the online registration for the conference,
please consult the MODERN website:

As internationalisation grows in importance in higher education and takes on a more mainstream role,
there is a growing expectation for universities to be able to define the added value of the
international dimension and measure the impact of internationalisation on the institutional mission.
Quality remains a controversial concept with a range of definitions and purposes – whether it is
equated with excellence, fitness for purpose, value for money or the ability to transform.

Sunday, 11 April 2010

GLOBAL: Internationalisation or westernisation?

Yojana Sharma
A new awareness is emerging among policy-makers and university heads that a headlong rush towards internationalisation is not always best for students, universities and the countries involved. This year’s Going Global conference debated whether internationalisation was just a euphemism for the ‘westernisation’ of higher education.

Thursday, 8 April 2010

The U-Mulitrank Project (CHERPA)

Following the discussions about methodological
flaws of existing international rankings and the
need for transparency about the emerging European
higher education area, the European Commission
launched a call for tender to develop a new, multidimensional
global university ranking. The tender
was won by the CHERPA network, a consortium of
CHE (Centre for Higher Education Development,
Germany), CHEPS (Center for Higher Education
Policy Studies, University Twente, the Netherlands),
CWTS (Center for Science and Technology Studies,
Leiden University, the Netherlands), the research
group INCENTIM at the Catholic University Leuven
(Belgium) and OST (Observatoire de Science et
Technique, Paris)

Leagues apart by The Economist

How tall is my ivory tower? University league tables give different answers...