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There are several commonly accepted ranking systems for the First and Second Missions, which provide indicators to measure excellence in Higher Education Institutions around the world. Rankings improve quality assurance by allowing the institutions to understand their own performance, develop best practices, and provide effective and efficient value to society. They also provide quality indicators to governments, society and industry. However, there are no commonly agreed indicators or methodologies to assess quality in Third Mission activities.

This project will develop such indicators, promoting excellence in Third Mission activities, and encouraging Higher Education Institutions to share best practices across Europe.

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Times Higher Ranking under fire

The World University Ranking of the British Times Higher Education Supplement (THES) produces a worldwide ranking of 200 universities based on five qualitative and quantitative indicators. The ranking list was compiled for the first time in 2004. Altogether, analysis covered over 600 universities, which were identified by scientific experts. In addition to a global ranking, rankings by scientific fields were made. Unlike the Shanghai ranking list, the THES ranking list includes a globally executed Peer Review: about 9000 academics from five continents have been asked to nominate leading universities in the fields in which they are considered experts. THE tries to explain in a positive way why a change is needed:
In fact the problem is always the DATA. Long time before Phil Baty's statement about the errors and mistakes in the THE ranking in the ZEIT we knew that rankings are on fire. Some likes them some hate them, but we have to leave with them. The swiss initiative to understand how rankings work may halb to create an understanding of "live together". We still know that rankings have to be improved as HE has to be changed as well. Misunderstnading, critisisms, errors and discussions are the engings of this. We have to deal with this new situation as the swiss did it. We have to live with rankings so we have to inform, use and improve....

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